Let’s be honest here, one of the really great things about blogging is the freebies.

Free samples, free race entries, even free shoes!

Before I started blogging, I always wondered if the products that people were posting about were really things they loved, or if they were being compensated to say they loved it.

Here’s my promise to you — if I write about something that we received for free, we I will tell you.

If I am compensated in any way for something I write about, I will tell you.

If I love it, I will tell you.

If I don’t love it, I’ll probably tell the company it’s not a good fit and won’t write about it.

Essentially what I’m saying is I’m going to be completely honest.  You will know if I’m writing about something that I was given for free (or otherwise compensated for) or if it’s something I bought on my own.  You will know how I really feel about the product/event/service, not what the company paid us to say.