FASTer Way with Kristin



FASTer Way to Fat Loss Measurements.png

Tracking your progress using something other than the scale is so, so important! One of the ways we do this in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is by tracking body measurements.

It is beyond frustrating when the scale doesn’t move (or even worse, goes up!) while you’re working SO HARD! The scale only reflects how much you weigh, it’s not an indication of your body composition at all. We rely on measurements and before/after photos for that!

Using a soft tape measure, measure the following areas of your body and record to the nearest 0.0 inches. Be sure the tape stays parallel to the ground for better accuracy.

** This is just a tool for clients to use so that they do not have to keep up with their measurements, they’ll be saved to a spreadsheet on my google drive. It is 100% optional and simply for your convenience!

Name *
(at belly button)
(at hip bone)
(biggest part)
(midpoint of elbow and shoulder)
(midpoint of knee and hip)
(midpoint of knee and ankle)
(under breast)