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Are you over the Diet culture?!

I know, I know.. that is a silly question. We all are! Yo-yo dieting, fad diets, deprivation, skipping carbs, killing yourself in the gym, limiting yourself to a crazy low number of calories that leave you staring longingly at your friends plates while you shove yet another piece of lettuce into your mouth..

I SO know the feeling, friend! I was overweight and miserable even though I thought I was doing all the right things!

I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and lacked energy. I wanted to get stronger, leaner, and be able to keep up with my kids. I wanted to lose the belly fat. I wanted to sleep better. I wanted to feel less bloated.  I was trying to balance it all — family, friends, work. I thought I was eating clean, whatever that means.  I was trying so hard to live a healthy lifestyle.  But it wasn’t working.

It’s infuriating! If you are ready for a change and to finally get lasting results, I am here for you! The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has all the tools you need to burn fat, increase energy, improve sleep and hormone levels, plus feel stronger and leaner than ever before.  And even better, it’s completely sustainable.

Give me eight weeks.

I want you to look in the mirror and feel happy and confident.  I want you to feel strong and beautiful, so you can then be a role model for others, especially the little ones in your life.  I want them to grow up with an amazing example of what a happy and healthy life looks like.  I want you to be that example. Register today for the FASTer Way with Kristin and in eight weeks, we’ll get you eating MORE of the right foods, crushing our 30-minute workouts, sleeping like a baby, and you will finally feel good again!

what makes the FASTer Way different?

We offer a full nutrition and fitness package, completely different from everything you’ve tried in the past.

  • Support and accountability on your wellness journey. You’ll participate in a supportive online community where you can ask questions, learn from others, and check in with your daily progress.

  • Brand new workouts each week, created by our certified personal trainers, who you will have access to in our membership community.

  • Food cycle based on science and backed up with a meal plan to make it fool-proof.

You’ll learn exactly how to dial in your nutrition through intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and tracking your macros. We’ll pair that with effective exercises that work in harmony with the nutrition strategies to result in maximum fat loss and increased lean muscles mass, which means you’ll lose inches as you get stronger.


Carb Cycling


Tracking Macros


learn to cycle carbs, allowing YOUR BODY TO use FAT for fuel INSTEAD OF CARBS

LEARN the optimal eating schedule to follow to maximize your fat burning

LEARN to track your macros to ensure your body is getting what it needs to thrive


“The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has impacted my life in ways that I never though possible. Sure, I’ve lost weight and dropped a few pant sizes, but that’s only the beginning. It has completely changed my relationship with food, giving me a freedom I never thought was possible. I eat without guilt and I truly ENJOY my food again. I have energy - I can keep up with my kids and really enjoy being with them, instead of constantly worrying what my body looks like when we’re at the beach or the playground. Speaking of the beach, I finally feel comfortable in a bathing suit! I may not have a six-pack, but I’m proud of this mom-to-two body!!”

— FASTer Way with Kristin Client


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